Zoning Information 

R-1 Restricted Single Family Residence District

Permits :Single family homes, duplexes, churches, public parks, click for more

R-2 Limited Multiple Resident District

Permits: Multi-family homes (not to exceed 4 units), town houses, group daycare facility, click for more

R-2A Limited Multiple Residence and Neighborhood Services District

Permits: Multi-family homes, associations (i.e. veteran's organizations, Boy Scouts, YMCA), barber/beauty shops, click for more

R-3 General Multiple Residence District

Permits: All uses in R-1 & R-2 districts, clinics/hospitals, homes for handicap, professional offices, mortuaries, click for more

R-4 Mixed Multiple Residence & Hobby Livestock District

Permits: All uses permitted in R3 district, animals allowed on 1.5 acres or greater, click for more

C-1 Neighborhood Commercial District

Permits:  All uses permitted in R-1 through R-3 districts, retail businesses, business offices, food places, click for more

C-2 Commercial Highway District

Permits: All uses permitted in R-1 through R-3 and C-1 districts, animal hospitals, automotive services stations (gas stations, shops, etc.),bowling alleys, click for more

C-2A Enclosed Manufacturing Permit

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C-3 Light Industrial Commercial District

Permits: any general commercial enterprise with stipulations, click for more

S-1 Special District

Certain areas within the City limits do not, because of their special nature, fall within the definition of other zoning districts, these are: Cemeteries, county fairgrounds, airports, click for more