Wastewater Pretreatment

The City of Burley has a pretreatment program that helps local businesses understand their responsibilities under the City of Burley Code and the Federal Pretreatment Rules (pollution control requirements).  The City of Burley''s Pretreatment program is the local legal authority and is established by the City of Burley Code.  

Commercial or Industrial

If your business plans to discharge wastewater to the City of Burley sewer system, please contact the City of Burley Pretreatment Coordinator to apply for a permit.  Here is a sample permit.  


As a resident of the City of Burley, there are many thing you can do to protect the city's sewer system and the Snake River.  Please see flyer. 

  1. Chelsey Ferrin

    Pretreatment Coordinator
    Phone: 208-878-8525