Electrical Installation Requirements

Building and New Construction - This Page is under Construction !!!

As Easy as One, Two, Three

Step One Initiation :

  • Call or email your request for Power/Electricity to the Electric Department at the City of Burley.
    • We will need:
      • Project Location (address)
      • Power requirements, Panel Amperage, Voltage, Single Phase or Three Phase
      • Pump sizes (if any)
  • Phone: (208) 878-2538 Email: electric@burleyidaho.org
  • Typically it will take 2-4 weeks to process your initiation request (We will try to let you know in a few days weather any information looks like it is missing)

Step Two Design and "Aide to Construction" calculations (typically takes 6 to 8 weeks, longer if your project information changes from the initiation stage)
City will provide:

  • A design or sketch will be prepared for the required installation to bring power to the project.
    • A Customers Aid to Construction dollar amount will be calculated based upon the current material costs needed for the project.  The City does not charge for city labor or Trucks and equipment used for the installation.
      •  Aid to Construction fee is due before the City will order materials and install equipment
      • Required easement will be shown as part of the design

Step Three Construction and Meter Set

Per City Ordnance 806 - Electrical installation must meet the following requirements;

  • City will provide
    • Electrical wire and connections
    • Electric Meter
    • Street light pole and fixture
    • Easement document
  • Customer (Owner) will provide 
    • Payment for Aid to Construction
    • All Trenching and excavation work
    • Legal document from a surveyor for preparation of required easements
    • Execute and sign the Easement document
      Concrete Street Light base
      Meter base with ringless socket
      Main Breaker for customer electrical loads
      Electrical permit
      Qualified Electrician
    • Aide to Construction Payable to the "City of Burley"

      Other Requirements
          All electrical work must be installed by an electrician
          Electrical Permit must be pulled
          Only the antenna shall be allow to be installed on the pole
          The Antenna must be installed above the street light fixture and may not block the photocell or the light from the fixture