Fleet Operations

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Fleet Operations to provide our customers, the employees of the City of Burley, with safe and dependable vehicles.  Our goal is to work in partnership with our customers and employees to provide high quality products and services in a cost-effective manner. 


To be recognized as a quality Fleet operation. 

Honorable Mention for 100 Best Fleets                                                                           Letter for Honorable Mention                                                                                         

Core Services

  • Maintenance and repair of City vehicles and equipment. 
  • Providing vehicles and equipment for customers including those with only occasional needs.
  • Asset management, budgeting and reporting, including vehicle and equipment replacement, scheduling and forecasting.
  • Fabricating and manufacturing of City infrastructure and vehicular repairs.
  • Specification development for procurement of vehicles and equipment with customer involvement to provide the most effective "tools" for their operations. 
  1. Rick Garner

    Fleet Manager

  2. Fleet

    Physical Address
    2020 Parke Avenue
    Burley, ID 83318