Wastewater Department

About the Department

The City of Burley’s Municipal Wastewater Treatment facility is located at 401 Hiland Avenue.  This facility was built and put into operation in 2007.  It is a Biological Nutrient Removal process that has a design capacity of 5 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) Currently the treatment facility is nearly at 50% capacity. 

The city has approximately 50 miles of sewer lines that gird the entire city to provide sanitary sewer service and delivers the wastewater to the Municipal plant for treatment.  

The city also operates and maintains an industrial treatment plant that provides treatment of the process water for some of the local industries including the Burley/Heyburn Industrial Park located in Heyburn. 

Our goal is to provide safe and ecologically friendly sanitary sewer and industrial sewer to all the customers in Burley and protect the Snake River from contamination by these waste streams.  We strive to make the Snake River a clean source for recreation, hunting, fishing, and for its beauty as it winds  between our two counties.  

Sewer Tapping Standard Procedure


For any questions call 208-878-8525. For after hour emergencies please call 208-878-8525.

  1. Dustin Raney

    Director of Wastewater Services

  2. Wastewater Department

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    401 Hiland
    Burley, ID 83318