Sanitation Department

The Sanitation Department is charged with the collection and disposal of all municipal solid waste (msw) within the City of Burley. The Sanitation Department operates a minimum of 5 days a week collecting msw throughout the City of Burley. The Sanitation Department also provides containers for construction debris and residential cleanup services. 

Cleanup Days

The Sanitation Department holds two cleanup days a year when residents and Burley businesses can bring extra waste to the City Service Center, located at 2020 Park Avenue. The city will then remove the waste to the Milner landfill. We are very hapy to announce that this year's first clean up day was a great success! We will be holding our next clean up day on Saturday, May 18th from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.mPlease no tires or car batteries.

Requesting Service

Every business, residence, apartment, trailer, or any other business or dwelling unit is required to have service provided by the City of Burley Sanitation Department. Contact the Sanitation Department at 208-878-2256, extension 2109, to request service. You may also call the City Clerk’s Office at 208-878-2224 to request service.

***Residents who wish to have their own 300 gallon container for the alley will be charged $52.05 each month
Residential  Container
96 Gallon Can
$17.35 First Can
+$3.50 Second Can
+ $2.00 Per additional Can after 3
Shared 300 Gallon Alley Can
Load Cans
    Pick Up
Per Week
Cans 1 2 3 4 5
1YD $29.85 $39.75 $54.65 $70.55 $85.95
2YD $49.10 $69.75 $93.65 $118.80 $144.45
3YD $73.60 $92.75 $127.65 $162.30 $196.95
4YD $82.85 $121.75 $166.15 $210.55 $254.95
6YD $120.10 $179.75 $245.15 $310.55 $366.95
$157.35 $237.75 $324.50 $410.55 $478.95
****There will be a fee per ton for any load over 8 tons. These containers must also be prepaid
30 YD Roll Off Container

3 Days (includes 1 empty)
1 Month
$450.00 (+128.00 Per empty. 3 empty limit)
3 day Roll-Off Container Note: Weekends and/or Holidays do not count against your 3 day limit. ( For example: If you needed to rent the container for a Saturday, it would be delivered on Friday afternoon, to be returned on Wednesday. Your 3 days would be considered Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.)
If the container is needed for longer than 3 days, you will be billed for an additional 3 days, with the same rules applying.
Equipment and Special Charges
Front end Loader
$125.00 First Hour
+$50.00 Per Additional Hour
Haul Truck
$75.00 First Hour
+$50.00 Per Additional Hour
Special Hauling Fee
$35.00 Per Dump- Including limbs not bundled
Weed Beater
$100.00 First Hour
+$50.00 Per Additional Hour