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    Dog Tags

    Dog Licenses for the New Year need to be purchased by January 31 of each year. The cost is $10.00 Read on...
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    Holiday Trash Pick Up

    All City Departments will be closed on November 24th and November 25 for the Holidays. All City Departments will be closed on December 23rd and December 26th for the Holidays Read on...
  3. PHoto Contest


    We need 10 photos for our newly redesigned webpage. We want you to participate. Read on...
  4. Leaves only


    Did you know that you could bring your leaves to the Service Center? Read on...
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    Make Sure We Have Your Correct Contact Information

    Occasionally, we attempt to contact a customer, to notify them about a leak or emergency, and find that we don’t have current contact information. Read on...
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    Upcoming winter months may bring with them some very cold temperatures. Past experience has shown us that extended periods of no water usage combined with freezing daytime temperatures often leads to frozen water service lines. Read on...
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    Proposed Water Rate Increase

    The City of Burley is proposing residential and commercial high pressure water rates. Last rate increase was December 2019 Read on...
  8. Community Council of Idaho

    Energy and Water Assistance Programs

    Check out the flyers for the Energy and Water Assistance programs that the Community Council are offering. Read on...
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    Automatic Payment Option

    The City is now offering an automatic payment option. If you currently use online bill pay through your bank this may be a better option for you. Your payment will no longer be delayed by mail time, helping you avoid the $2.50 delinquent fee. Read on...
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