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The City of Burley   WELCOMES  FABRI-KAL

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Burley is a business-friendly city! The city believes that successful businesses directly correlate with better living conditions. Many of the cities most valued citizens are entrepreneurs and small businesses. We have an excellent workforce backed up by excellent skilled trades in the area.

The area has been agriculturally based for many years, and has now taken steps to expand the base economy with ethanol production, manufacturing, transportation, and value added agriculture products. The local government has made important steps in facilitating the entrance of more business, even encouraging all business that could be successful in this area with; low- cost electricity, dedicated employees interested in quality, productivity, and maximizing the potential. Burley has modern utilities for water, waste water, and electric.

Being on I-84 it is a mid point between Boise and Salt Lake City, Denver and Portland or Seattle. Burley offers a competitive labor environment with moderate wage rates and a non-union environment. Southern Idaho maintains a skilled and active working class with good business ethics. Programs have been implemented through Region IV Development, Job Services and College of Southern Idaho to meet the demands of a changing workforce for both the job seeker and employer.

CONTACT: Doug Manning; Economic Development Director at:

(208) 878-2224 Office

(208) 312-1952 Cell.

Recently, Burley has seen substantial growth with new businesses. Burley is the place to be in southern Idaho. We will get you up and running faster than any City anywhere.  Here are a list of new and expanded businesses.

Burley Industrial Park

Gem State Processing

951 S Highway 30

Heyburn, ID 83336

Bill Schow  (208) 678-1061

Gossner Foods 

1200 seventh Street

Heyburn, Idaho 83336

(208) 679-0971

R&R Welding

Arte Rathe & Henry Rathe

(208) 670-0771

Other Burley Locations


High Desert Milk

           1033 Idaho Ave.

           Burley, Idaho 83318

            Derik Robinson

            (208) 878-6455

Pacific Ethanol

2600 Washington Ave.

Burley, Idaho 83318

DOT Foods

Dot Foods

1541 West 27th Street

Burley, ID 83318

(208) 678-6063

(877) 812-7192


Packaging Specialties Inc.

2758 Washington Ave.

Burley, Idaho 83318


1651 West 27th Street

Burley, ID 83318

(515) 225-6425

Kodiak America

1350 Pomerelle

Burley, ID 83318

Mulholland Positioning Systems

811 Albion Ave.

Burley, ID 83318

Larry Mulholland

(208) 878-3840

Burley Economic Development

Doug Manning

(208) 878-2224 Office

(208) 312-1952 Cell


MiniCassia Chamber of Commerce

(208) 679-4793

Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization SIEDO 

(866) 768-8443

Burley City Administrator

Mark Mitton (208) 878-2224

To see a listing of available city relocation sites, click HERE.

For information on locating your business to Burley or starting a business, fill out a siting survey.

For any additional information that can help you with your business contact: